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Please have a look HERE for a bunch of stuff I have to get rid of.

Jewellery, shoes, boots, books (mainly new-agey) PS2 games, clothes...I'll be updating heaps over the next few days too


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This Friday at the Townie DJ's: Tigerlilly, Dark Elvis, Decker, IVD Joe and BadPauly. It’s 11pm til 4am as per usual and entry is free. You will hear much rock and indie and even a bit of metal if you're lucky. And... Country music anyone?

Next Friday 7th August is the Britpop / Nineties night at the Townie starting at 11pm and finishing at 4am. Entry is free and Dj’s are: IVD Joe, Tigerlilly, Spudnik, Action Ant and Pluto. Expect a bit of 90’s dance crossover, Madchester and Shoegazer.

Entry is free

Sunday 16th August is Wreckovery at the Excelsior Hotel in Surry Hills (not far from Central train station). It starts at 4pm and finishes at 9pm. Entry is $10 and it’s a Clan Analogue special featuring: Electrofetish, Actual Russian Brides and Abstract New Dimensions with Clan Analogue DJ’s MD & Co + Telafonica Soundsystem and Tigerlilly.

The Excelsior has a fairly fine kitchen so feel free to turn up in time for dinner.


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5 djs for 5 hours at the Townie, King St Newtown.
11pm to 4am
Grunge, Indie Rock & Nineties


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Ok, I'm continuing my super duper clean out, so grab yourself a bargain!
Even more things are up for sale, incl RARE WHEELS AND DOLLBABY TOP, MORE leopard print, MORE pin up, MORE Horrorpops, Motley crue, Wednesday 13, Skid Row, Lucky 13, Poison
Candy, Paperdoll, Stockings, Bags, Shoes, retro, goth, skulls, cherries...EVERYTHING MUST GO!
Also I am offering $5 postage on as many items as you want! so you could buy everything here and only pay $5 postage!
I prefer payment via paypal but will also accept bank deposit.Read more...Collapse )
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Love and Hatred this month will be spinning new and old real industrial tracks from artists like: Leatherstrip, NiN, KMFDM, 1,000 Homo Dj’s, Pigface, Ministry, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Front Line Assembly, Project Pitchfork, Revolting Cocks, Das Ich, God Module, Tankt, Razed In Black, My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Assemblage 23, Gothminsiter, Snog, Laibach, VNV Nation, Young Gods, Foetus, Coil.

I also have it on good word that fans of the good old 'SHRINE' days are promised a step-back-in-time with guest DJ Sangunius 're-constructing' one of the hard-edged sets he was renowned for. There's something to be said for near 20 years (or is it over??...lol) of DJing. managing and promotion experience in Sydneys top goth/industrial/ebm clubs, (Shrine, Nocturne, Ritual, Die Maschine and others). He's one of the originals!

Of course, as well as playing the best of the earlier tracks, we'll also be playing plenty of new too....so EVERYONE will be more than catered for.

Missing this night will be missing history-repeated methinks.....so I strongly encourage you all to come along!!!!
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Severed Heads, “All Saints Day”
Max Q, “Way of the World”
Sobriquet, “Sterilised”
Empty, “Never Get to You (State of Flux remix by Angeltheory)”
IKON, “Path of the Unknown”
Snowman, “She is Turning Into You”
The Black Ryder, “Let It Go”
This Gentle Flow, “This Cage”
Shion Om Pan, “Vulture”
The Orbweavers, “Diving Bell”
Mist & Sea, “Like a Vampire”
The Church, “So Love May Find Us”
Alithia, “Tower of Babel”
Black Orchid, “Inertia”
Ironwood, “Eihwaz Descending”
The Veil, “The Winter Palace”
Box of Fish, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
Itchy Rat, “The Sky is Falling”
Salamander Jim, “Hot Cakes for Daddy”
Thug, “Dad”
Underground Lovers, “Eastside Stories”
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Reminder time, This Saturday is Glitch at the Forbes (30 York St)
Psytrance - Electro - Industrial beats till late.
Happy hour is NOW till 11 PM

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